What's Your Obsession?!

Few names are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of dance music like Erire. A multi-talented solo artist, Erire takes listeners on a compelling journey of lyrical emotions and classic beats with every new release. So what’s new on the horizon!...

...This year has brought new challenges! But the summer of 2021, will become a memorable hot Obsession! The reason why?!...

Way back in 1992 seminal UK progressive house label Guerrilla Records released ‘Obsession’ by Fuzzy Logic feating Erire. The track became a stone-cold classic, due to the production prowess of William Orbit; the man behind Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’. The vocalist and co-writer on ‘Obsession’ is Erire, who subsequently co-created some huge club records with the likes of Danny Howells, Stonebridge and Haji & Emanuel.

‘Obsession' featured on the now classic mix album ‘Northern Exposure’ by Sasha & John Digweed (Ministry Of Sound). That album is widely recognised as a landmark, in DJ mix albums and achieved huge sales worldwide. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2021, and the record has been given a major overhaul by house legend Felix Da Housecat and Dave The Hustler. With a brand new vocal by Erire, the trio have created ‘Obsession X’. The rework has a definite nod to the heydays of the 90’s scene, but with bang up to date production and plenty of “feels". 

So turn up the summer heat, and make 'Obsession X' your guilty obsession! 

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Felix Da Housecat x Dave The Hustler x ERIRE - Obsession X
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A Sonic Story

What do Simon Cowell, William Orbit, The Shapeshifters and CamelPhat have in common? They are amongst the slew of Dj artists and record labels, that have worked with west London based noted club diva and singer/songwriter maven Erire. 

Erire was born and bred in South London, and has Nigerian parentage. She has a unique vocal style and songwriting ability that sets her apart from many of her contemporaries. 

Erire's past collaborations have included, co-writing and vocal performances with, Dmitry Almazov (aka Bobina) 'September, Rain' and 'More Than Love'. Justin Harris (aka The Kreeps) 'No Quarter - (Breakdown)'. She was also the vocals behind Haji & Emanuele's huge club smash 'Take Me Away', which was re-released in 2008. 

After a few years break away from the music biz, Erire embarked on a few collaborative cowriting and vocal projects with the likes of: K-Klass, Seamus Haji, Abel Ramos, Camelphat, Nick Hussey, Justin Harris, Jason Chance, and Judge Jules. 

In 2018 Erire felt the time was right to break out on her own! Be truly independent. That year Erire released her stunning EP, "All Night Long". The EP received glowing acclaim and reviews, by Dj’s and clubbers alike! 

Those of you in the know, will remember these club hit classics, that Erire penned and re-vocalised. Destination - (Darren Tate), SOS - (Stonebridge), Dusk Til' Dawn - (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor), Obsession - (Fuzzy Logic, produced by William Orbit). The beats were revisited and re-crafted with the artisan expertise of the production master Tim Cox, (formerly known as one half of the production outfit, The Band of Gypsies, and co-writer and co- producer of the huge club classic anthem "Everybody's Free" as sung by Rozalla). Once again, Erire's powerful, heartfelt vocals revisit and breathed new life, into these classic melodies and lyrics!

Erire's new release, with the original 'OG' house master Felix Da Housecat, and his production partner Dave The Hustler's, deconstructed reworking of the original 1992 club classic Obsession. 'Obsession X' will no dought be the summer anthem of 2021!   



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